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Protecting Your Flooring Investment

15 May 2013 Salisbury Professionals 0 Comment


Property owners know that one of the largest ‘one time’ investments for our properties is carpeting, which adds value aesthetically and monetarily, if maintained in a healthy condition.

When allowed to deteriorate by poor maintenance they can actually detract from the property’s appeal and result in expensive early replacement.

Grit, grime and staining if left unattended will cause accelerated wear. This is easily remedied through regular vacuum cleaning with an UPRIGHT vacuum cleaner and by having a programme of professional Steam Cleaning of the carpets put into place.

Professional Steam Cleaners, such as ‘That Carpet Guy’ utilise high powered equipment which remove the grit, grime and soiling which will detract and reduce the appeal of the carpeting in your homes.

Regular, deep, steam cleaning will ensure your investment is protected year after year.

As Adelaide’s favourite Carpet cleaners, we are often asked which system of carpet cleaning is best; “Do we Steam Clean or Dry Clean?” As we employ both systems we are able to give an unbiased answer to this question.

Both are effective systems, but each has their place but only one is able to deep clean and remove soiling from your property and that is: Steam Cleaning.

Dry Cleaning qualifies as a ‘Maintenance Clean’ and Steam Cleaning as a ‘Restorative Clean.’

Two things clean your carpets well; Heat and Suction!Only Steam Cleaning is able to flush out the dirt and grime. High Suction,removes it from your carpets and out to the operators van.High Heat and High Suction remove more soiling and leave your carpets drier and cleaner.

There are so many carpet cleaning operators on the market today, which should we choose?

There are the Big players who generally bombard us with special offers who offer Dry cleaning as their preferred method, who we find clients use only once.

There are also the many independents who offer a variety of options – it’s confusing! Therefore most people put off carpet cleaning until their carpets are in a mess.

We as an independent OWNER  OPERATED company have one aim in mind, and that is; ‘TO WIN YOU OVER AS A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE’

We can only do this by providing quality friendly service at a price that is fair and reasonable and by providing the best carpet clean possible by using Adelaide’s most powerful carpet Steam cleaning machinery.

Glynn Greenwood

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