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The Carpet Raggers

9 May 2013 Salisbury Professionals 0 Comment


If the parties or the school holidays have taken their toll on your carpet, don’t despair. The following tips are sure to help you.

First trim the burnt fibers off. Then dab rubber cement into the hole with a tooth pick. From an unseen area of the carpet or a leftover piece, cut enough matching tufts to fill the hole. Dab the ends of the tufts with the rubber cement and insert into the hole. Work them upright with a pin. When dry, trim down and use a pin to blend them into the surrounding pile.

Bigger And Worse

Carpet scraps can patch a damaged area up to about a 20cm square. On the back of your spare piece of carpet, mark off an area slightly larger than the damaged portion of the carpet. Lay a board underneath the spare carpet, and cut the carpet to size with a sharp knife. Gently dab rubber cement along the edges of the hole at the carpet base to prevent any loose strands from pulling free.

Place a piece of hessian over the hole. Spread glue on the upper side of the hessian and stick the carpet patch to the hessian. Cut the hessian to size. Stick double sided carpet adhesive to the back of the hessian.

Press the completed patch firmly into the hole that’s in the carpet. To remove any indentations just lay a damp towel over the area and gently press with a warm iron.


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