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Times Are A Changing!

14 May 2013 Salisbury Professionals 0 Comment

 Time! Time! Time! Our most precious and neglected commodity. When was the last time you turned the mobile phone off, pulled the plug on the computer or TV and spent time with those you really care about?

I don’t mean going on holiday or taking the boss out for a night on the town BUT just chatting over a coffee or drink with your family and close friends about what’s really happening in their life; the good, the bad and the dreams. As I become older the one thing that I know that will happen for sure is that we start to attend a lot more funerals and at these we   embrace our fond memories of those who have fallen to mortality and say that it makes us realise we need to spend more time smelling the roses, then three months down the track we are back in the same old familiar routine because apparently the world may fall apart without our zealous work rate.

Now back to those we care about; recently I lost a niece, Rachael who at 17 years of age lost her long battle to live and we are left to ponder why? But one thing that is ingrained forever in our mind is Rachels’ sweet innocence and zest to embrace each day as it unfolded regardless of the cards life had dealt her. Also recently a friend of mine whom I have known for many years and who I thought was travelling OK as whenever we caught up at a social gathering or spoke via phone or email in small chat seemed “normal” then I found out that he was actually going thru a horrendous personal time and I HAD NO IDEA!  because he didn’t want to seem to be needy/weak/embarrassed. Yet I also was embarrassed because I didn’t pickup something was wrong or that he thought I was to busy to be able to have a chat. Since that day I have made sure that I no longer go into auto pilot mode when speaking with those I care about! As the saying goes “ A doctor once said; I have been with many of   societies best from all walks of life in their final hour and not one of them has said I wish I could have worked longer! And spent less time with those I really care about” Just a Thought. Paul


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